Hemp Founder Series Podcast W/ Bernado from 8000kicks

The fashion industry has seen a groundswell as of late, as options for sustainable choices proliferate by dedicated startups led by emerging entrepreneurs who challenge the unsustainability of the fashion industry.One such business is 8000 Kicks, a footwear company in Lisbon, Portugal, focused on making sustainable, comfortable, waterproof footwear and other accessories from hemp. The founder, Bernardo Carreira, was kind enough to sit down for an interview to discuss his philosophy behind his business, and his journey from sustainability-curious to standard bearer of the space.

Hemp Founder Series Podcast W/ John from HempJunction

John Douey is the role model of a passionate man leading by example to advocate for his beliefs. Those beliefs are focused on hemp as the future of sustainable textiles, commerce and innovation, and he has found his niche as a social influencer for brands walking their talk. In this episode, we discussed his strategies to bring his vision of a hemp-driven world of business to life.

Hemp Founder Series Podcast W/ Tyler from Bulk Hemp Warehouse and HempAware

Tyler Hoff is the co-founder of two hemp-based businesses: HempAware and Bulk Hemp Warehouse. He runs these enterprises with his wife and a small group of friends based out of Nevada. HempAware is a marketing agency that provides advertising, branding and design services for hemp businesses that need help refining their messaging and business strategy; Bulk Hemp Warehouse is a wholesaler that helps companies integrate hemp into new products at scale.
Follow along as Miles and Tyler dive into his background in hemp and unpack the journey he’s been on to have not one, but two successful businesses in such a challenging space.

Hemp Founders Podcast W/ Shripat from Weaving Vibes

Although hemp has long been associated with marijuana, this versatile plant has emerged as a promising alternative for producing eco-friendly fabrics.
In this episode, Shripat Jagirdar, the founder of Weaving Vibes, takes us through his journey, exploring the numerous benefits of hemp in textile production and how it can help us build a more sustainable future.
Weaving Vibes is a textile company Shripat established in Mumbai, India, dedicated to producing natural and sustainable hemp fibers for diverse end uses.

Hemp Founder Series Podcast W/ Kyle from Trusted Harvest Exchange

As industry surges and commerce evolves, it’s easy to forget that the businesses and products we see on the surface don’t exist in isolation. Underlying everything we interact with in our day to day lives lies huge swathes of professional resourcing. One vital area is simply The Law. Most aspects of hemp are complicated by regional differences.

Hemp Founder Series Podcast W/ Skyler from Beedelightful

Bees are nature’s hardest-working pollinators and are now being recognized as potential game-changers for optimizing hemp cultivation. As the hemp industry gains momentum, harnessing the power of bees, greatly enhances pollination of the hemp plant, benefiting both the bee populations and hemp farmers. Skylar Johnstone is the Director at Bee Delightful based in Austin, Texas. He has redefined the concept of edible hemp by infusing CBD into honey while preserving bees. Catch up on the conversation where he describes the overwhelming benefits of bees in the hemp industry.

Hemp Founder Series W/ Brandon from Divine Hemp

In this fast moving world, innovation has become vital for almost overnight improvements in manufacturing technology.Research methods have democratized access to scientific advancement, and numerous industries are now rapidly benefiting from these changes.
Hemp– and its production value in numerous goods- is one of those industries.
Brandon Sexton is a founder spearheading grassroots innovation with hemp in his company, Divine Hemp, an R&D and textile apparel startup he started to exercise his passion for research.
Divine Hemp produces high quality, tasteful garments inspired by sustainability and sacred geometry, but it’s far more than a clothing brand. Brandon’s Divine Hemp are at the root of the issues in sustainability.

Hemp Founder Series W/ Alex Jackson from hclothingco

As evidence that you don’t need an entire production team, machinery, and a warehouse before you begin your evolution into hemp manufacturing, Alex Johnson, founder of H-clothing, takes us through his journey; breaking into the hemp industry and his resolution to make an impact. H-clothing is based in Colorado, producing sustainable clothing pieces; what’s more remarkable is that it’s run by one person.